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Disposable Sanitary Pillow Speaker and
TV Remote Covers

Now help your patients
protect themselves the same way
your caregivers do.
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Patient ProGuard
Research published in The American Journal of Infection Control proves that hospital bed handsets, pillow speakers and TV remote controls contain biologic material and may be contaminated with disease-causing microbes.

The American Journal of Infection Control
April, 2005

Patient ProGuard
  • PROTECT PATIENTS from dangerous biological contaminants
  • ELIMINATE REPLACEMENTS for pillow speakers, TV remotes, nurse-call units, etc.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY on repairs and cleaning
  • Let us show you how Patient ProGuard sanitary, disposable device covers will help you reduce the risk of infection among your patients, and lower your operating costs.
  • Keep your guard up with Patient ProGuard. Request a FREE sample pack today!
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