Patient ProGuard
Patient ProGuard

Disposable Sanitary Pillow Speaker
and TV Remote Covers

Now help your patients
protect themselves
the same way
your caregivers do.
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How it Works - Patient ProGuard - Hospital and Medical Disposable Covers
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Why protection is so important?

How it Works...

Now you can lower your operating costs.
But imagine what else you could save!

Throwing away a soiled or hygienically compromised pillow speaker or TV remote or nurse-call button requires very little effort. But replacing them with new units it expensive. Discarding and replacing Patient ProGuard sanitary device covers is just as easy, and costs a fraction of device replacement!

These clear, non-allergenic polymer covers resist moisture and provide a barrier against food, beverages, medicines, and patients’ body fluids - without diminishing sound quality. They are simple to use and replace, and allow patients to operate their devices as they normally would.

Select and click any of the images to the right to see how just how easy and effective Patient ProGuard disposable device covers are. And they are available in sizes and shapes That fit most handheld patient hand-held devices used in hospitals today.

SAVE TIME on repairs and cleaning with easy-to-use disposable plastic covers.

SAVE MONEY in all departments:

  • Engineering: reduce time-consuming repairs
  • Housekeeping: reduce room cleaning time.
  • Nursing: prevent transmission of contaminant's from patient to nurse.
  • Infection Control: reduce cross contamination between patients, visitors and staff.

Call, fax, e-mail, or write to request a FREE, no obligation Patient ProGuard sample pack today. We’ll show you how Patient ProGuard sanitary, disposable device covers will help you reduce the risk of infection among your patients, and lower your operating costs.

ProductsHow it WorksAJIC SummaryTestimonialsRequest Sample PackageContactHome
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